Success Stories: Leadership and self-confidence

Mizuho* attended her first Mirai no Mori camp as a fifth-grader. At the time, she had almost no confidence and was very passive. The simple act of attending camp each year had a marked effect on her confidence. At first, she just tried to fit in and not stand out at camp. Over time, we watched her begin to throw herself into camp activities and make great efforts to get involved and work with other campers.

The once-shy Mizuho entered middle school and became homeroom vice-chair in her first year—she even ran for class president! Now in her second year of middle school, she is on the student council and is often on stage in front of all her peers, working hard on their behalf.

Mizuho has been a part of the same children’s home for many years, and participates regularly in Mirai no Mori camps. She continues to make friends with the children and staff, and gaining new experiences has transformed this once passive and helpless girl into a proactive and confident young woman.

The Mirai no Mori staff remember all the children, not just our veteran camper Mizuho. For children living in institutions, just the feeling that they are remembered—that someone is truly seeing them—gives them courage and strengthens their belief in themselves.

The Mirai no Mori staff provide empathetic care for all the children they work with. Not only does this help the children gain confidence, but it also encourages and inspires the care workers who go to camp.

* All camper names have been changed to protect privacy.