Back to Nature

April Back to Nature: Easter & Boxing Report

Date: April 13, 2019
Location: Mitake
Participants: 30 campers, 8 LITs, 7 care workers, 14 volunteers, 4 partners, 8 MM Staff
Corporate Sponsor: Robert Half
We hosted our first program in this school year where we cerebrated Easter and try Boxing, with the focus on “New Beginnings”. Each group of campers and volunteers talked about their goals as they start their new semester in school and as the new fiscal year starts at their company.   
Also, this year, Easter Egg Hunt became a bit more challenging! Split up into teams, the campers and volunteers searched under rocks behind bushes and in the grass, searching for Easter eggs that has “team mission” to complete.
Once they completed all the mission, they got to scream “Happy Easter” 10 times, to receive colorful Easter Egg chocolate that were kindly donated by Costco. It was interesting to hear some campers saying the egg shaped chocolate tasted like eggs, and it was surely a great exposure for campers to new cultures.
In the afternoon, we were more than happy to have Mirai no Mori Ambassador, Hiroyuki Sakamoto back with us for this program. Sakamo-chan gave a very moving speech, telling us his story of his determination and courage to become a professional boxer.  He then taught us all a quick boxing combination.
As the campers practiced with the boxing gloves on we encouraged them by telling them to have courage and they can do it!  Everyone had a really fun day where we were all able to have new experiences!
Thank you Sakamo-chan and to everyone who made this day a successful one!