Back to Nature

February Back to Nature: Fun in the Woods Report

Date: February 16, 2019
Location: Takao
Participants: 21 campers, 2 LITs, 6 care workers, 18 corporate volunteers, 4 Mirai no Mori Staff
Partner: Morito Odoru
This past weekend we were back in woods of Takao with our partners from Morito Odoru. Last summer, campers got to experience “kanbatsu,” where they learned how to peel the bark off of the trees. This month, they got to experience the forest from different perspectives.
In the morning, each team worked on making the steps in the steep section of the forest, which led to a little path in the end. Digging the earth will make the soil better, and better soil will make healthier forests, and we believed that our steps will play a role in making better forest.
In the afternoon, we had options of enjoying the forests to our fullest: we had a fire team, step-making team, wandering around the woods team. Also, we had a challenge to cut down a 20m tree as a team, which left all of us a great impression.
The day was full of opportunities to appreciate the forests.
We would like to thank Morito Odoru and all the volunteers for another great Back to Nature program!