Leader in Training

Last Ride with the Knights in White Lycra

The Knights in White Lycra (KIWL) is a Tokyo-based, all-inclusive amateur cycling team consisting of male and female cyclists of diverse ages, abilities, and nationalities. Common among its members is a desire to “get fit and give back” by raising funds and awareness for community projects in Japan.

Mirai no Mori has been honored to have their support for the past two years, and now it’s our final year of partnership with KIWL.

In 2016, 42 riders cycled 550km from Tokyo to Iwate, raising 10 million yen to support our Summer Camp.
In 2017, we, 40 riders again peddled for 500km to Iwate, raising 14.4 million yen to bring back our Winter Camp.

Their financial support has been an amazing help for our organization’s growth, but they also helped us with raising awareness of the issues surrounding the marginalized youth we support, and delivering hope that we can do it if we put efforts into it.

The destination of the journey has been one of the children’s homes in Iwate where the children have been joining Mirai no Mori programs for 6 years.
They are always amazed to see so many riders who put so much time and effort into cycling all the way from Tokyo to support them, and have a great time talking and playing games with the riders who care for them.

This year, we are departing for our final ride together to cycle 500km to support our Leader in Training program (LIT), which is specifically designed for high school-aged participants to acquire knowledge and skills, as well as attitude, required to be successful after they leave their children’s homes.

KIWL has been a great partner for Mirai no Mori, as well as great role models for the children we serve.
Please wish us luck, and we ask for your support. Any and all donations will make a difference.

Donate with credit card, paypal, or Yucho bank transfer: HERE
Donate through KIWL Global Giving website: HERE