Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program vol.12 Report

We had a very special over-night Yukiita (Snow Surfing) Back to Nature Program in Tsunan, Niigata. Tsunan has one of the highest snow-fall in Japan and is perfect for Yukiita and other snow play.

Participants enjoyed Yukiita and sledding, as well as snow shoeing, snow ball fight, and creating caves and tunnels, just by digging through the snow. It was a very quick, fun and snow filled 2-days, meeting up with old friends from previous programs and making new ones.

LITs were, once again, in full support mode with tasks such as menu announcements, rental gear management, snack and drink management, and supporting all the activities. We also had prospective LITs joining us, so there were total of 6 LITs.

They were only given a very brief explanation on their tasks, and they needed to figure out how to complete the tasks on their own. While they struggled in some parts at the beginning, the current LITs acted as the leaders of this new group, and soon, they were able to organize themselves into a well-working team.

They needed to plan and execute tasks within a very limited time, while communicating with new team members, as well as adult staff whom they have never met before. It was another great weekend filled with new challenges and experiences.