Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program vol.13 Report

We had forestry theme Back to Nature Program in the woods of Takao. The participants had a quick orientation to make up teams and headcounts, then moved into the woods for the activity.

The morning activity was to make the forest healthier by creating suitable environment for the micro-organisms. Each team had one small section on the side of the mountain, and used shovels to make cuts and filled with charcoal and leaves. After lunch, we all participated in felling a tree, by pulling on the rope as the bottom of the tree was cut.

LITs had the usual task of managing lunch, snacks and drinks. Because they had the similar tasks before, they were able to complete them on their own without detailed instructions. They have become a reliable staff of the program team.

On Sunday, it was preparation for their Final Project. Details of the overall flow and the content were worked out and they started writing the individual speeches. They went through the process of thinking of what they want to say, put them into words, get feedback, and rewrite.
They had given a speech in front of campers before, however, it will be in front of 100 adults this time. It will be a whole new experience for them, where they will require new ways of communication, as well as attitude. There is only one month left until the seminar, and only two days where team members can get together to practice.
It is up them now to use this limited time effectively, and to make the final project a success!


The LIT seminar on Sunday, March 17th is by invitation only. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us by email: info@mirai-no-mori.jp. Please note that the seminar will be in Japanese only.