Leader in Training

Leader in Training Program vol. 5 Report

Location: Mitake

Participants: 5 LITs

Partners: Takeshi Miyamura &

Date: August 27, 2017


In April, Mirai no Mori started a new year-long Leader in Training (LIT) program to train six high school students to become future leaders and they have all achieved tremendous growth this summer!

Last month, they joined our summer camp as staff members, and used the various knowledge and experience that they have acquired to lead the campers. After the camp, they met up again in Mitake for the fifth session of the LIT program, where they did hands-on training on how to provide support for the next Back to Nature Program: Rafting that will be held in September. The LITs practiced passing out gears and checking that they are fastened properly, and spent hours learning how to raft and play in the water safely while having fun. We sensed a change in their attitude towards learning as well, showing that they have a greater awareness of their position as Mirai no Mori staff. After dinner, they gathered around a fire and talked about the summer camp, reviewing both the good points and other areas that can be improved.

On the second day, they were joined by paramedic Takeshi Miyamura, who taught them how to perform first aid in the wilderness. In this four-hour session, the six LITs discovered that knowing the theory is not the same as providing the actual medical aid. In the afternoon, they were given 90 minutes to make plans for their March expedition by themselves as they will be fully responsible for it.

Through this year-long program, Mirai no Mori will work together with the LITs to achieve greater growth. We thank you all for your continued support!