Summer Camp

Summer Camp Survey Results

【#1 “What was the most fun thing at the camp?”】
By far, campers most enjoyed the full day stream hike. As campers cheered one another on, even campers with less confidence made it to the very end, and those who just last year weren’t able to jump into the water challenged themselves and plunged in! It’s an extraordinary day that shines with “Camp Magic.” Of course, we will do that again this Summer!

【#2 “What camp moment left the most lasting impression?” 】
There was a camper who said the contributions of the LIT (Leader in Training) participants were the most impactful of the 5 days! Last year, we had 5 LIT participants and it seems they became great examples of hard work for campers. This year we have 8 LIT participants. We are really looking forward to seeing the growth of new LIT team in coming months!

【#3 “Who or what is the most important person or thing?” 】
A before and after comparison shows a decrease in the percentage of children who said their most important things are toys, school or games. We then saw an increase in the percentage of children who said their most important people are friends, family, care workers and Mirai no Mori. And, the number of children who answered “No one” or “Nothing” decreased, which is something that makes us very happy. We hope to continue to offer Mirai no Mori environment, where all sorts of people gather and the joy of connecting with others can be experienced. 

【#4 “What is your strength?” 】
Before the camp, many children answered this question based on how they are evaluated at school, such as studying or athletics. After the camp, we saw so many more answers that described emotional attributes, such as being kind or being cheerful. We will continue to improve our programs, so Mirai no Mori’s 5 values (kindness, responsibility, respect, leadership, and courage) become integrated into their everyday lives.