100+ Monthly Supporter Campaign: Our Program Tools

As Fall arrives in Tokyo it is a time to reflect on the summer and to start planning for the next year and beyond. As for our monthly supporter campaign, we have three months left to go and are currently at 23 supporters of our 100 person goal. We would like to ask for your continued support in taking part in the campaign as well as spreading the word about Mirai no Mori and our mission.

In this second part of our newsletter series, we would like to share more about our program concept and some of our core tools. As you know, Mirai no Mori programs are designed to equip children with “Essential Life Skills” that they require when they become independent, enabling them to live comfortably and confidently, and to choose and create their own path for the future. In recent years, our particular focus has been on resilience. It is the ability to apply what they know and have experienced to a new situation, and to use that strength to manage through any difficulties that they may face.

Program Concepts:
Some wording might have changed over the years, but our core concepts have not changed since our very first program 8 years ago.

  • Experiential – Our program is designed in a way that children learn through their own experiences. Knowledge and different ways of thinking cannot always be conveyed in words or by theories. By encountering these ideas first-hand and experiencing them through real situations, children can make what they learned truly part of themselves.
  • Continuous – Consistent and periodic programs allow the children to continue their learning in a familiar environment. They are more willing to challenge themselves when they feel comfortable with their surroundings, and to learn from some perceived failures.

Program Tools:
We often utilize these three tools in our programs to create an out-of-the-ordinary environment and provide unique learning opportunities for the children.

  • Outdoors – Nature provides a stage without discrimination or prejudice, putting everyone on equal footing. It also provides a great setting for children to learn to think and act on their own and be responsible for their actions.
  • Diversity – Children are introduced to a variety of cultures, languages, values, concepts, opinions, and options. Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking allows children to broaden their view on the world and help rediscover and redefine who they are.
  • Role Models – Through our programs, children are able to meet and interact with diverse adults from various backgrounds, occupations, and lifestyles allowing them to expand their view of the world. Also, younger children can meet older children from other homes, acting in leading roles, as somebody that they can look up to, while the older children get to act as role models to younger children outside their normal home environment.

Through these concepts and tools, we believe that we can create programs that make a genuine difference in the lives of the children in care homes, that can empower them today and positively impact their future.

Our monthly supporter campaign has just three months left to go, and we need to reach 100 supporters. We ask that you help us reach this goal by checking out the details below and that you consider becoming a monthly supporter at any level. We also ask that you circulate this newsletter to any of your friends who may be interested to share a small part of their success with the children that we serve by supporting our mission.

*Mirai no Mori is a certified NPO by Tokyo Metropolitan and Minato ward. Donations you make to Mirai no Mori entitle you to tax deductions against your income and resident tax.

Why Join the 100+ Monthly Supporters Campaign?

  • Your monthly giving, which can start as low as 1,000 JPY, will enable Mirai no Mori to provide its programs consistently in a long term.
  • As one of our dedicated supporters, you will receive special invitation to our programs and other community events.
  • You will receive our annual report and monthly program reports that were made possible because of your support.

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