“100+ Mirai no Mori Monthly Supporters” Campaign!

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many children in the care system are losing valuable learning opportunities. Not only are children stressed from being stuck in a confined environment because of school closures, but they are also losing valuable opportunities to learn essential “life-skills” that they will need to learn before they leave the care homes. The outbreak does not change the fundamental rules of the system that requires the children to leave their care homes and become financially and emotionally independent at the age of 18.

For the past 5 years, Mirai no Mori has been supporting children in the care homes to acquire essential life-skills through our outdoor programs, for them to be able to confidently pursue their goals and happiness when they age-out of their homes. As we navigate through this uncharted new world, it has never become more important for the children to gain the essential life-skills and a consistent environment where they can learn the skills to manage themselves through this ever-changing world.

Please support Mirai no Mori so that we can continue to provide programs and a learning environment for these children, whose experiential learning cannot be put on hold. You can support us by becoming one of our “100+ Monthly Supporters”. Please become our monthly supporter, and join our mission to continuously provide learning opportunities for the children in care. You can find more details of the campaign from the link below.

*Mirai no Mori is a certified NPO by Tokyo Metropolitan and Minato ward. Donations you make to Mirai no Mori entitle you to tax deductions against your income and resident tax.

Why Join the 100+ Monthly Supporters Campaign?

  • Your monthly giving, which can start as low as 1,000 JPY, will enable Mirai no Mori to provide its programs consistently in a long term.
  • As one of our dedicated supporters, you will receive special invitation to our programs and other community events.
  • You will receive our annual report and monthly program reports that were made possible because of your support.

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