100+ Monthly Supporter Campaign: Voices of the Care Workers

There are only 2 months left until the end of 2020. How time flies! As we get closer to the end of the year, so is our finish line for the “100+ monthly supporter campaign,” which we are at 28 out of 100 goal. We would like to ask you once again to become our monthly supporter at any level and continue to spread the word about Mirai no Mori and our Campaign.

In the third part of our newsletter series, we would like to share some comments we have received from the care workers who share our mission in empowering the children. The care workers have the utmost interest in the well-being of the children, and their success after they graduate. Because the care workers spend the time with the children the most, they can provide a critical perspective on how our program impacts the children. We would like to share comments from two care workers who participated in our Summer program with the children.

New challenges in a safe environment
“The cultural exchange aspect made this program so special. The children had the chance to use English to exchange greetings, interact with staff from different professions and lifestyles, and learn new activities. In the beginning, the first-time participants seemed a bit nervous, but they gradually relaxed, and by the end of the day, I saw them right in there with the others, having fun with the games and songs. It was great for the children to have this unique experience, engaging with many different people, in a place different from their usual familiar environment. I think they felt refreshed and that they found a place where they feel secure enough to challenge themselves.” – Care Worker, Tokyo

Something for the children and the care workers
“I learned a lot from the way the Mirai no Mori staff interact with the children. They firmly communicate when they need to say something and praise them ten times more and make them laugh and allow them to enjoy themselves. It makes me happy to see the side of the children that they don’t normally show at the care home, actively listening and working with others. I can also see the children gaining confidence and willingness to take on new challenges as they continue to join the program—what an amazing experience for them and us.”  – Care Worker, Tokyo

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