Partnership with the Knights in White Lycra 2023

We would like to highlight our fundraising partner for the year, the Knights in White Lycra. Founded in 2013 with the philosophy of “get fit and give back”, KIWL host charity cycle rides, golf event, futsal tournaments, pub quizzes and more to raise funds and awareness for marginalized children.

Since they started 10 years ago, KIWL have raised a collective ¥127 million with 108+ corporate sponsors for disadvantaged children in Japan. 

They supported us in 2016 for Summer Camp, 2017 for Winter Camp, and 2018 for our Leader in Training program, and this special 10th anniversary year for both KIWL and Mirai no Mori, they are back again to partner with us to support our Graduate Program.

Please join us at future events!

January – info session

Everyone who was interested in participating the ride came together to learn what the KIWL was all about. Some were experienced riders, some were new to cycling, and they were all inspired to the achievements of KIWL for the past 10 years.

February – registration and created teams

Those who decided to commit signed up to join the ride, and we had the most applicants in the history! According to their cycling levels and preferences, all the riders were divided into 8 groups, and started training for a 500km ride in June.

March – Palace Walk

With everyone’s help, we welcomed a total of about 245 people, including Mirai no Mori program graduates as volunteers, and raised ¥1,104,698. 

April – BBQ with program graduates

We had a special BBQ with KIWL, where 22 riders joined us with six graduates for a lovely day of food and celebration. This is when one of the graduates of our Leader in Training Program, Reina, was even gifted a road bike to participate in the final day of the four-day KIWL 500 km ride.

“I was surprised to receive a road bike. I had a lot of fun communicating with many people who talked to me and cheered me on. I’m going to train hard for June!”

May – Pub Quiz

With a packed house, numerous teams put their heads together to compete for the top prizes. The roughly 70 people who joined us raised a total of 164,000 JPY, and as always, it was a great fun night!

May – briefing session & grand depart party

The KIWL held an information session where riders were briefed on safety for the ride and a breakdown of the routes they will be taking. 

Also, a grand depart party was held on the 24th, a week prior to the ride to send off our riders and celebrate the journey they have taken through their training to get here.

June – 500km ride

  • Day 1: We traveled from Utsunomiya to Koriyama for a total of 157km and an elevation gain of 1,550 meters.
  • Day 2: Due to the approaching weather the consensus was to ride a shorter more direct route – rather than over the mountain. That said, many riders decided to test their resolve on the original route around Lake Inawashiro and over the Mount Adatara pass. Everyone made it to the hotel safe.
  • Day 3: The ride took us from Fukushima to Matsushima, with our riders traveling 120km and 660 meters of elevation, along the beautiful coast of Sendai and the Pacific ocean.
  • Day 4: Our final ride of 96km from Matsushima to Ichinoseki, and 950 meters of elevation gain culminated in meeting the children that we ride in support of. This journey could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our riders, as well as the dedicated support from our sponsors. 

Voice from Reina, our graduate

It was a very enjoyable and moving memory for me, the Knights, Mirai no Mori, and everyone working together as one to accomplish something. I was only there for one day, but the team members were so kind and cheerful that I was able to enjoy riding the whole time. I was also happy to be able to interact with the children from the care home at the final destination. It was an experience I will cherish forever.
I would like to keep challenging myself with new things and join events where I can communicate with diverse people through Mirai no Mori moving forward. Thank you very much!

Welcome speech

I first joined Mirai no Mori Summer Camp in 2014, 9 years ago. I was 7 years old at that time.

I was surprised to see so many insects. I was worried if I could stay 4 nights in tent and outdoors. Especially I still remember how scary it was to jump from the top of the waterfall during Stream Hike.

The relationship with people was impactful to me at Summer Camp. I was worried if I could speak English with staff and get along with other campers. But I got along with the staff and campers by working on Mirai no Mori 5 values. Bad memories of being stung by a horsefly are now good memories.

I was able to work hard at school and for my goals, because I was so excited to join Summer Camp again next year.

Mirai no Mori Summer Camp gives me a reason to push on.

Thank you for choosing our home, to visit as a goal for your ride today.