Why do you support Mirai no Mori? vol.10 with Joseph Tame

Series #10 with Joseph Tame, from WildTame

As Mirai no Mori celebrates its 10th anniversary, we have been interviewing our supporters from various fields to share their “voices” with you. As valued partners who have walked together with us, they share their encounters with Mirai no Mori and the reasons for their continued support in these interviews.

This interview features Joseph Tame from Tokyo-based Creative Agency, who accompanied us to the Mirai no Mori program for a year in 2023 and captured various scenes on camera. We are now able to share our activities in the great outdoors, along with the voices of our staff, to provide our supporters with a more vivid images of our camp-magic.

Let’s hear what he has to say about his experience with Mirai no Mori.

How did you get into your current profession of content creation?

I first starting creating content by working on a podcast with a work colleague. We also sometimes used low quality cameras to interview people.  I decided to make even more content after streaming myself as I ran the 2009 Tokyo (Quarter) Marathon that a friend entered me in it. This was just as social media was taking off, but I strapped an iPhone to my head. Because I could not run far, I knew if people were watching me that I would try harder. After seeing the responses from the viewers, I decided to further pursue content creation.  And now I have been fortunate enough to turn it into a business over the course of several years.

Why did you choose to support Mirai no Mori ?

Kozue approached us and explained Mirai no Mori’s mission. I felt that it was an important program, but also one that our skillset was a good match for – we had the opportunity to use our skills to make an impact. It also offered opportunities for our team to get out with the kids, which was a new kind of experience for us.

How did you feel when filming Mirai no Mori’s Summer Program, Snow Program, and Kikori Program?

It was a wonderful opportunity. We were really struck by how skilled the Mirai no Mori team is in creating safe environments that are so different from the childrens’ daily lives.  They create spaces in which kids can feel secure to take on new challenges that they would not normally have the confidence to do. It was clear that there were life-altering memories being made. For us, it was a privilege to feel a part of the team in creating these experiences.

Do you have any particularly powerful memory during your time supporting Mirai no Mori? 

When we did the snow trip, Jeff took us on a nighttime snow hike. No lights – just moonlight through the clouds. We found ourselves wading and swimming through snow that was so deep that it even came up to my shoulders. It was something so fun, challenging, and powerful. Then, when we reached the top of the hill, we all laid down in a big circle looking up at the snow falling, and were asked to be silent. It was incredible when all the children, LITs, and adults lay there with nothing but the sound of the snow, sharing such a special moment in silence. It made me feel that, regardless of our age, background, or personal story, we are all connected and a part of this planet. It was very special.

Do you have any special message for Mirai no Mori’s 10th anniversary? 

The dedication of the Mirai no Mori team as well as Mirai no Mori’s supporters and partners is truly extraordinary. It is a shining example of the amazing positive impact that a dedicated group of people can have on the lives of children and young adults, which will impact not only their lives, but the lives of all those they come into contact with, and their children, too. I applaud everything that has been achieved in the first decade, and am excited to think of all the good that will be done in the next decade. 

At Mirai no Mori, we believe that there is great significance in children’s continued participation in our programs. In order to continue to provide a safe place for children to learn and grow, we need your continued support.
We invite you to join the Mirai no Mori community as a monthly supporter so that together we can continue to provide children with opportunities to gain life skills.

We look forward to you joining us as a monthly supporter so that we can continue to help as many children as possible to grow happily, fruitfully, and independently.

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